70cm iFAN  Professional


mp4 Video

16 million Colors

LEDs 1024

Hologram Wall Function

Brightness 1600 cd/m2

WLAN local control

Internet cloud control

App for device groups

Bluetooth speaker



Price, see below



When you want to really put your competition to shame, the 70cm iFAN Professional is just what you need.

This is our premium package at Hologra3, offering a pristine image that is easy to see, simple to look at, and very impressive from a visual standpoint. If you are looking to really improve how your business stands out from the crowd, this is the easiest way to help yourself do just that!

Thanks to the use of MP4 video, too, you can easily upload and utilise sharp and professionally made videos with ease. This utilises a whopping 16m colours to ensure the scheme is as fresh as it should be. It’s also got a whopping 1,024 LEDs, making sure you can get the maximum image output in clarity, consistency, and style.

We’ve also included a hologram wall function, meaning that you can enjoy the high-end imagery that you might see from other major establishments. With a brightness rating as high as 1600 cd/m2, too, you can have all the support that you need. Internet cloud control is the ideal solution for ensuring you can manage this from afar, too – even from the comfort of your home. Take control of your marketing once again and create something that you know is going to inspire your audience.

  • The ideal solution for those who wish to utilise professional cloud-based digital signage.
  • MP4 video compatibility, making it easy to create an image that looks crisp and clear.
  • 1024 different LEDs all working in tandem with one another, creating something highly impressive.
  • Hologram wall functions provided, ensuring you can create an eye-catching image display with ease.
  • WLAN local control also offered, ensuring that you can manage the project from afar.
  • Bluetooth speaker included that allows to produce cirsp and clear audio to back-up the imagery.
  • 1600 cd/m2 brightness provided, creating a very impressive image that’s crystal clear to all.



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