43B Hologram Display with cover


bin Video


LEDs 368


Brightness 800 cd/m2


Remote control

SD Card




Price: 220 €



Do you intend to utilise cloud based digital signage in your business? Are you sick of investing in high energy TVs that don’t make a big dent in your advertising output?

Then it’s time to make a change. With a 43B Hologram Display with Cover from Hologra3, you are picking up the easiest and most effective solution for marketing your business today.
Powered by hundreds of LED lights and with an easy to use remote control system, you have total control when using this holographic imagery. The unique nature of the digital design ensures you are left with a holographic design that is easily secured thanks to the cover. This makes the most wonderful choice when you wish to advertise in a way that you know is going to appeal to your wider audience.

Without doubt, it’s one of the most effective ways for you to change things up and really transform the way that you go about holographic imagery. For anyone who is serious about upping the ante in their advertising, something like this offers the perfect opportunity to do just that. Pick up a hologram display with coverage today, and you’ll make marketing your business to a wider audience so much simpler.

  • Draw attention to your business with a top quality hologram display with coverage.
  • Makes use of 368 LEDs to ensure that you are left with a simple, consistent display.
  • Capable of providing clarity through a brightness rating that’s as high as 800 cd/m2.
  • Impressive remote control system allows for easy handling of all hologram imagery.
  • Utilise the provided SD card to store numerous advertisements for simple rotation.


220,00 €