43A Hologram Display


bin Video


LEDs 368


Brightness 800 cd/m2


Remote control

SD Card




Price: 99 €



Are you looking to begin your hologram display with some smaller scale solutions?

Then our 43A Hologram Display is just what you need. At Hologra3, this is one of our most popular products and offers a quality solution for anyone looking to dip their toes into the water of creative holographic imagery.
By using this, you can show people exactly what they are getting when they turn to your business. This offers a sublime, high-end solution that can really improve the overall quality of your advertising output. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to help boost their advertising in ways that you know will appeal to a wider audience.
Investing in modern and ambitious technology that can transform how your business appears in public is very useful. By utilising the remote controlled nature of our 43A Hologram Display, you can easily change and adjust the image and the audio with a few simple clicks.
If you wish to change up how your business operates, then having a product like this 43A Hologram Display is a very important part of showcasing your ambitious advertising.

  • High-end holographic imagery powered by using 368 LEDs for the utmost performance.
  • Easy to use, with a brightness rating of around 800 cd/m2. Delivers outstanding results.
  • Remote controlled, meaning you can manage the whole experience from afar without issue.
  • SD card included so that you can quickly and easily change the image being shown.