50cm Professional


mp4 Video

16 million Colors

LEDs 512


Brightness 1600 cd/m2

WLAN local control

Internet cloud control

App for device groups




640 €



When you wish to make a professional change to how you market your business, cloud-based digital signage makes a fine place to start.

At Hologra3, we help many companies to transform and radically improve their output when it comes to marketing through informed, intelligent decisions. With our help, you can start making genuine changes to how your business works thanks to our 50cm Professional digital signage solution.
With capability to run MP4 video formats, this professional solution allows for a very impressive level of video and audio output. It’s also capable of producing a whopping 16-million colours, ensuring that no shade or style is going to be beyond the output of this particular system. We’ve also upped the LED count, providing a whopping 512 LEDs to ensure that performance is simply outstanding.

With WLAN local control and a brightness as high as 1600 cd/m2, this is our brightest system yet. Pick this up and you can soon make the stress and frustration of trying to handle such a product a thing of the past. Improve your advertising today with a brand new system that’s controlled via the internet. You can even use the provided app for simple, easy control from afar!

  • World class quality, providing you with an MP4-compatible form of digital signage.
  • Produces a whopping 16m different colours, allowing for outstanding image output.
  • 512 LEDs are used to help make the image as clear and as crisp as is possible.
  • Brightness is excellent, with a rating as high as 1600 cd/m2 provided.
  • Internet cloud control allows for you to easily handle all of your digital signage from afar.
  • Apps provided to help you work through the video file you wish to put on the big screen.