Hovering video effect

catch clientscatch clients

Rotation and computing of LEDs produces the video, 176° viewangle





Hologram Wall

Combine many devices into one big hologram wall screen.

3d led


Holographic Wall

Any dimensions, outstanding image quality

For any industry

Works without screen, glass or glasses




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Buy or rent hologram displays



43B inclusive cover




50cm professional


70cm professional




Only 50cm and 70cm are professional devices

holographic display 3d


holographic display 3d








Hologram projector test / comparison


Brightness 1600 cd/m²

16 million colors




Behind shop window, brightness is critical for visibility

















trade show hologram



Eyecather in Trade Show



retail trade hologram



Retail trade displays



application digital signage holographic


Digital Signage

Start campagne by app




POS Displays

Point of Sale Displays










Exhibition Eye-catcher

Rent hologram single device or many as a wall



Messestand als Magnet




Holographic device is easy to install by anyone

Be the star of trade show

Attract clients like a magnet



Invest in the ideal Exhibition Eye-catcher with cloud based digital signage

When you want to make the right impression at an event or an exhibition, you need to stand out from the crowd. And what better way to do that either buying or renting a hologram device?
You can easily pin this to the wall on its own, or you could use multiple displays to build a much larger, eye-catching image. This holographic device system that we provide has been made to be as easy as possible to install for anyone. Even if you lack technical expertise, setting this up should not be a challenge for you. If you do need any help, though, reach out to us today for support!


How can digital signage help you to stand out?

  • Change the way that you are seen by people attending the trade show, opening their eyes to what can be done with marketing today.
  • Showcase your latest products and services easily with a holographic image that is sure to catch the attention of those passing by.
  • Attract clients to your business. Use this as a conversion magnet to get people to visit your stall or your store and make an investment with you.
  • Become the start of any event, exhibition, or trade show with a modern and enterprising form of advertising that few others will be using.
  • Set up as many devices as you need, with various size combinations allowed both horizontally and vertically.


Get the right size of device today

At Hologra3, we provide cloud based digital signage in numerous sizes. Each size can also be adjusted and changed to fit with your current needs, combining with other displays to make something very impressive indeed come to life. The sizes that we offer are varied, but include:

  • 1x 4 – Digital people, great for personalised advertising and mannequins.
  • Even dimensions, such as 3X3, 4X4.
  • Odd dimensions, such as 4X3 and 4X6.


In fact, we can help any combination right up to a size as large as 11x11. Just let us know the size of product that you need, and our team will make sure that they can deliver the quality that you require.
Cloud Based Digital Signage Advertisement solutions


Applications of Holography

Which one arrests more attention? A 3D holographic signage, or a generic TV?

Thanks to the fact that this can be controlled via an Internet Remote Control, and it’s one of the easiest installations you will likely go through with, thus makes it much easier for you to create an advertisement that really stands out from the crowd. You can even start campaigns and marketing with a single click – it really is that easy to use products and signage from Hologra3!


Creating 3D video content has never been so easy

Now, you can easily animate your 2D images within minutes. We’ve made the process as simple as can be so that you can get the support you require. With rapid and easily managed installation, you can get any 3D video you need created. We’ve even provided you with several hologram MP4 videos ready to be used for testing purposes. Need a hand making the images come to life? Contact us today for support in creating bespoke marketing videos for your cloud based digital signage!

Also, we’ve made sure that you can easily control your holographic imagery via an app. This allows you to change the image, the music, the timings, and everything else. You can do this on-site, or you can do it from the comfort of your own home – the choice is 100% yours.

With everything managed via the app, you can easily deal with everything such as uploading files, turning the hardware on/off, setting day/night brightness settings, or even edit the playing order. You can have total control with Hologra3; that is our promise to you.





Mobile Hologram Wall - Easy installation


Number of devices

Vertical   x   Horizontal


1 x 4 (virtual person)

3 x 3

4 x 3

4 x 4 (right picture)

4 x 6 (left picture)

6 x 6

Any combination is possible, max. 11 x 11)


catch clients

rent videowall








Retail Sale - POS



Flying shoe hologram video

hologram video

Once upon a time...

3d hologram video

Holographic Signage


Swiss watch Zenith

free hologramshologram watch

Restaurants, Coffee Shops

free hologramshologram software

Virtual mannequins

create hologram







Digital Signage Advertisement

Applications of Holography



digitale hologramm werbung



Which one arrests more attention?

3D holographic signage or TV?

Internet Remote Control, easy installation

Build groups of devices easily per app

Start campaigns by one click







How it works?

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How to create 3D video content for hologram fans ?

  • Easily animate your 2D images within minutes
  • Use our service for professional results

    It is easier to get or create 3D videos (even for free)

    Ask us, we support you !

    catch clients








    catch clients

    Easy control over App


    Several hologram mp4 videos ready

    Supports mobile Phone / Tablet Android or IOS, Web

    Internet remote control and easy upload of video file or instant shooting

    Turn on / off or set start / stop time

    Daylight or night brightness mode

    Name every fan and create a group, edit playing order







    Hologram Accessories


    catch clients






    Technical Comparison

    Hologram Fan Displays


    hologram ventilator
    Diameter cm 43 50 / 55 70 100
    Feature Low Price Cloud Control HD Huge
    Brightness cd/m² 800 1600 1600 / 3000 1600
    Resolution px low 512x512
    1024x1024 1080p HD
    2048x2048 2K
    1024x1024 1080p HD
    Noise dB 60 52-55 55 60
    Watt 35 70 / 75 140 140
    Weight kg 2 0,8 /1,8 1,2 1,7
    Bluetooth Speaker no yes / no yes / no no
    Wall-sync no yes / no no no